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Enjoy and learn from the stories of fellow Western Hunters.

    On a String

    Jess relives a thrilling, multi-year journey culminating in finally taking down a bull elk.
    On Second Thought

    After 19 years applying, Randy Morrison found himself with a WY Moose tag in his pocket and a tough decision to make.

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    Early Season Fortune

    “NO WAY!” I thought as I read the results from Colorado’s drawing results webpage. I had drawn this same tag the year before, and with zero points, I didn’t expect to draw again. As luck would have it, I was one of a couple hunters that drew with no points.

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    Velvet Dreams

    My hopes were high, but the part I was most excited about was the chance to hunt big velvet bulls with a rifle. I think it may be every western hunter’s dream to shoot a bull in full velvet. With only a week of hunting until the bulls would be rubbing their velvet, we knew we had to get it done fast.

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    Two friends Nick & Tad head into the mountains in search of mature mule deer and succeed in their goal with two monster bucks.

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    Alaska Afloat

    We covered more than one hundred and sixteen miles total, and seeing the two float planes land on the smooth river surface made it all worthwhile.

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    Of Caves and Rams

    We ventured off as planned, pulling a camping trailer with my 3500 Ram loaded down with two week’s worth of grub, 150 gallons of Avgas in drums, and 130 gallons of diesel fuel in the Tidy Tank. What could possibly go wrong?

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    4 in 48

    We rolled into camp that night very late and shared the good news with Steve and Nate. We had more meat to pack out, but our hunt was over. Four bulls in 48 hours exceeded our wildest expectations.

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    Uncharted Territory

    I looked at 20 rams, walked countless miles, lost over 20 lbs, and spent the better part of summer in a tent. My goal was to take a mature ram and in the end, I surpassed my goal

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    Crazy Odds

    Hearing that the results had been released, I opened up my oldest son Trey’s FWP profile and saw he was “successful” in the draw. Then I opened up my younger son, Tyson’s, and saw he was also “successful”!

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    Big Sky Dreams

    After about 45 minutes, it finally happened. I felt the wind hit the back of my neck. I immediately drew back and like clockwork, the bull’s head whipped upright.

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    Into The Wilderness

    Being born and raised in Montana, I have been very fortunate to hunt big game every year. I have taken some respectable mule deer but have had a few giants escape my bullet in years prior.

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    Jackson’s First Turkey

    11-year old Jackson Brunetta passes his hunters safety course and celebrates by bagging his first turney.

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