Adventure & Hunt Stories

Enjoy and learn from the stories of fellow Western Hunters.

    DIY Alaska Brown Bear - A River Odyssey

    At the time, any chance of ever hunting for a grizzly bear was just a pipe dream; but even so, these stories were indelibly etched in our minds. One day, I thought, ‘I want to go on a hunt like this!’
    Into The Wilderness

    Being born and raised in Montana, I have been very fortunate to hunt big game every year. I have taken some respectable mule deer but have had a few giants escape my bullet in years prior.

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    Jackson’s First Turkey

    11-year old Jackson Brunetta passes his hunters safety course and celebrates by bagging his first turney.

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    Picture Perfect

    Three hours later, after dealing with plenty of anticipation and sunburned skin, I caught a flash of velvet through the branches.

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    Shoot Better Now

    Run through this checklist and see if there might be a few archery improvements you can make to shoot better now.

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    Hunting Dall Sheep Under Yukon's Northern Lights

    Art Pearce heads north to the Yukon to try his hand at Dall Sheep. What he finds is an experience that will never be topped.

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    Divine Intervention

    David McShaw and his parents set out to complete the hunt of a lifetime despite being wheelchair-bound with muscular dystrophy.

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    A Father's Last Gift

    Chad and Jake make the most out of an emotional situation when they bag the Bull of a lifetime in honor of their late father.

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    The Magician

    Braxton Hamilton proves that hard work pays off when he arrows a MONSTER WY alpine Muley to fulfill a long sought-after dream.

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    A Test of Mental Toughness

    A long hunt in spectacular country by Hyrum Facer, Utah, 2016 Utah! What a great place to live, hunt, and […]

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    Back-To-Back Antelope Bucks

    It’s funny how before a fall hunting season ends, you find yourself daydreaming and strategizing about next year. Yet, when […]

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