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Strategy & Tactics


"For the most part, hunters look at fall bears as an opportunity type of species. We all have a bear tag in our pocket during the Fall, but only fill it by happenstance if one presents itself while out elk or deer hunting. Not many solely focus on bear hunting in the fall, especially in the southwest when compared to its trophy elk and mule deer opportunities..."

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Season 2

Back to BC

Chris Denham hunts the high country of British Colombia for mule deer and black bear.

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Season 3


Dennis Simmons and Chris Denham share a camp in Oregon as Dennis hunts spring black bears and Chris hunts turkey on public-land.

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In Field Tactics

Spring Bear Hunting in Elk Calving Areas

Find out where elk are raising their calves during the season and see your spring bear hunting success increase.

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Adventure & Hunt Stories

The North Coast of British Columbia By Nolan Osborne

Regardless of where your interests lie, if you partake in some form of outdoor recreation, British Columbia’s Coast is likely on your radar.

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