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Gear Necessities: Rode Vlogger Kit

As the saying goes, “the best camera is the one you have with you”. For most of us that would […]

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Tripod Shooting 101

When it comes to hunting the West, the first skill set a hunter should master is the art of glassing from a tripod. Second, he should master utilizing the tripod as a shooting support.

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Gear Necessities: Cheap, Effective Archery Field Tips

Remember when you were a kid, making your own bows and arrows out of whatever materials you could find in […]

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Leukotape P: The Duct tape for your body

About 10 years ago I began the arduous process of finding “the right boot” for my foot. As many hunters […]

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The Worst Are The Best

The colder, the steeper and the more miserable the experience the more we love reliving it.

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Gear Necessities: Noco Boost X GBX55 Portable Jump Starter

Have you ever had a morning where you are running out of the house and your car won’t start? Or […]

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Inside the Chaos and Secrecy Surrounding the Release of 10 Wolves in Colorado

In November 2020, Colorado voters approved Proposition 114 which required the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department (CPW) to create a […]

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Backcountry Passage: The Best Methods of Transit in the Wilderness

Hunt smarter not harder, right? This saying has always perplexed me because it always seems like the guys who put […]

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Keep Your Head in the Game

You can have all the best gear, the right optics, the tag of a lifetime, the best hunt plan, or […]

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Thermarest Ultralight Cot 

I remember the days when I could fall asleep for hours on the living room floor or pack nothing more […]

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Made In America: Kifaru

In an era dominated by globalized production, where supply chains span continents and innovation is recognized by imitation, Kifaru stands […]

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Multi-Editor Binocular Harness Review

Six binocular harnesses six different experiences. Check out this multi-editor review if you're looking for a new piece of kit for this upcoming season.

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The Western Hunter Podcast

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Browning proudly presents The Western Hunter Podcast
Ep 30: Casey Richmond & Greg Williams of Eberlestock
On the March/April cover of Western Hunter Magazine we have a spectacular image of Casey Richmond with his Idaho bull. […]
Ep 29: A year in the life of Alaskan boat captain Ross Hodek
The life they lead is a crazy one, so I decided to sit down with boat captain and owner Ross Hodek and talk a little about the year in the life of a Alaskan boat captain. 
Ep 28: Kodiak Island Blacktail
I have hunted blacktail deer on Kodiak Island in Alaska and believe the experience offers the most adventure for the dollar in all North America.  This year our crew included three guys who had never hunted in Alaska; Mark Denham, Levi Sopeland, and Kevin Guillen (who had never been to Alaska prior).
Ep 27: Dylan Dowson from OnX Maps
OnX Maps pioneered the hunting GPS industry and has become the gold standard for western hunters. In this episode I sit down with Dylan Dowson from OnX to discuss the past, present and future of this technology. 
EP 26: Nate Simmons
2021 was a heck of a year for The Western Hunter.  Nate Simmons and I sit down and talk about the […]
EP 25: Jordan Jonas
Jordan Jonas, winner of the TV show Alone season 6, joins us.
Ep 24: Remi Warren
Remi Warren doesn’t need an introduction to this audience. Like most of you, I think Remi is one of the […]
Ep 21: Rafe Nielsen
Rafe Nielsen from Browning is back again! In this episode we talk about life without a SHOT Show in 2021, new rifle products and how those products are developed and brought to market.
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