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Thorough assessments focusing on individual products used by seasoned Western Hunters

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    Building a Cartridge

    Whether you’re looking to shoot a bullet that is unavailable in factory ammo, seeking better performance from your rifle, or tracking down accurate load data for a new rifle without spending a week’s pay on components, Unknown Munitions has you covered.
    Backpacking Water Filter Review

    Although each of us can make personal gear choices, one thing all of us need daily is clean drinking water and usually a lot of it.

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    Multi-Editor Bino Harness Review

    This past fall we put five of our crew in new harnesses from some of the top companies in this arena and asked them to put them through a hunting season.

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    Tripod Buyers Guide

    Not all tripod legs are created equal - for good reason. There are three crucial criteria to consider when purchasing a tripod: 1) purpose, 2) use, and 3) requirements.

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    Gear Legends - Outdoorsmans Tripod System

    It could be argued that no product in the western hunting industry has had as much impact and profound change in the way we actually hunt as the Outdoorsmans Tripod

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    Pack Out Bars & Bites Review

    As a health and wellness coach and avid hunter, I am always looking for good quality, delicious snacks for the […]

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    Browning Safe Overview

    Browning offers a whole line of heavy-duty safes, and Chris Denham takes some time to show off his new one and walk us through his thoughts.

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    Optics Terms Explained

    Here are some terms that are frequently used for optics, what they mean, and why they’re important to hunters.

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    Swarovski dS 5-25x52 Smart Riflescope Review

    Swarovski has raised the bar even higher with the introduction of the new dS 5-25x52 smart riflescope.

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    Swarovski NL Pure Review

    Now, more than 20 years after the introduction for the ELs Swarovski has done it again with the NL Pure.

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    GoPro HERO 8 Review

    Todd Harney reviews his GoPro HERO 8 and why it should be something to consider for amateur filmmaking.

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