Gear Review: Benchmade Station Knife

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Gear Review: Benchmade Station Knife

There are numerous quotes that attest to a cluttered kitchen being a sign of happiness. I could not disagree more! The number of appliances and tools at our disposal these days is astronomical. It makes my head hurt just thinking about it; especially when I open the utensil drawer and see an almost tool-box-looking assortment of knives and cutlery that look like they’ve been thrown in a blender and left for dead.

I have long been an admirer of Benchmade, and I think that for many, there’s been a looming desire for them to release a culinary line of knives. I was given the Station Knife as a birthday gift this past fall and can honestly say that it’s as impressive as it claims to be.

I was immediately taken aback by the girth of the blade and understood right away that I probably wouldn’t have the need for my other chef’s knife or cleaver for a while, if ever. At its widest, the blade is just short of 2 ½” wide, making it a helpful scoop to lug veggies or meat content from your cutting board across the kitchen into your pan or stove pot.

The Benchmade Station Knife is great for scooping up your cuts.

The knife sits at 11” long with a 6” blade and a 5" handle. This allows for complete control of your cuts, whether you’re dicing up a jalapeno or removing the backbone of a whole chicken. The blade has a beveled spine which reduces thumb or finger abrasion. For longer evenings in the kitchen, this is a wonderful touch that I can’t say my other knives have.

The custom handle option I went with was the G10 Ivory (a plastic laminate) which not only is beautifully textured but was designed strategically to offer a reliable grip when your hands become greasy from ingredients. One of my favorite features about the knife is the actual blade design which ends in a fine point. I often cook with whole cuts of meat like pork shoulders and whole chickens, so being able to reach those small nooks of bone is crucial to breaking down these cuts effectively without my hand cramping up within the first 30 seconds.

I have put this knife through the wringer while forcing it to be a home butcher and have then been able to shift to cubing piles of potatoes and chopping fragile vegetables for a salad with absolute finesse.

Benchmade offers multiple blade options, including their highest quality 440C stainless steel, or you can upgrade further to the CPM-154 which includes added Molybendum to prevent chipping. There are several handle options as well that include the G10 laminate mentioned above, a resin-infused paper material called Richlite, or the coveted black carbon fiber which is nothing short of stunning. Benchmade then seals the deal with their "Yours for Life" promise, guaranteeing infinite resharpening, oiling, and even adjusting your knife free of charge. All of these features make the Station Knife your kitchen’s best investment.

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