Kristy Titus
Kristy resides in central Oregon and is a proud member of RMEF and Team Elk, an Under Armour athlete, MPS figure competitor, and an C.N.F.T. INTRAFITT Allied Health Care Professional. Kristy contributes to Western Hunter Magazine every issue with quality nutrition and fitness articles that apply to both hunting and life in general.
Gearing Up For The Off-Season

Organize and clean your gear to make next season easier. The drive home from any hunting trip can go one […]

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28 Days: Jump Start Your Health Fitness Program
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Tips To Cure Skinny Fat Syndrome

The cure for skinny fat won’t occur overnight, but with the commitment exercise protocol, you can combat the phenomenon.

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Tips for Dehydrated Food at Home

Fuel your body with the highest quality, whole natural, fresh dehydrated food to help keep you at your best.

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Embracing Struggle for a Healthier Lifestyle

If your goal is to be on the mountain day after day, then take Kristy's advice and start to make your health a priority.

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Hydration 101

"Pushing your body in the backcountry in less than ideal physical condition is hard; pushing a poorly conditioned, dehydrated body is downright dangerous due to increased risk of heart attack and hyperthermia..."

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