On a String

    Jess relives a thrilling, multi-year journey culminating in finally taking down a bull elk.

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    Average Joe: Homecourt Advantage

    While I understand that everyone experiences life differently, I do feel that if you’re reading this, we’re probably in a […]

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    The Worst Are The Best

    The colder, the steeper and the more miserable the experience the more we love reliving it.

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    The Meat Bull

    A strange coffee symbol popped up on the truck gauge for the hundredth time. The new model, borrowed Ford was […]

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    A Day to Remember

    There’s always something special about your first time. A first kiss, first car, and first house are all deeply imprinted […]

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    No Time Wasted

    An Arizona Late-season Elk Hunt After four years of waiting, my credit card got hit once again for a late-season […]

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    The Engagement Bull

    Every year when planning for hunting season begins, I ask my boyfriend what hunts I should put in for that […]

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    Yes Man

    Hunger for adventure leads to a duel with a monster Arizona bear This spring, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity had my number, […]

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    "The big, palmated G5 was too amazing. I didn’t see the two extras when I shot, but they looked like flames coming off the back end. He had the width, the mass, everything; everything you dream of in an elk but never dreamed you would actually shoot. I had my elk of a lifetime..."

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    Fortress of the Goats

    "As I emerged from a patch of timber, I noticed a patch of white on a cliff face on the other side of the drainage. Through the spotter I saw that the white patch was indeed a goat; a good goat..."

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    Karma Buck

    "The only good shooting lane was the dirt road itself, so I positioned myself on the edge next to some brush and ranged the opening I thought they would come out of. The first deer was a doe. She walked on to the road, stopped, and stared at me..."

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    37 Years, 361 Days

    "The wind was still, and every step seemed louder than the last. As I walked, I would stop and survey the area with my binoculars before continuing on. Eventually, I caught movement in the trees ahead. “Was it him?” I thought.

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