Broadheads for Turkeys

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Broadheads for Turkeys

Master Target turkeyTurkey time is here and chasing longbeards with archery tackle can be fun and challenging. Success and failure while bowhunting turkeys sometimes comes down to the broadhead on the end of your arrow. It is always my goal to use a head with a large cutting diameter so if my aim is off a little, I still go home with a turkey. The vitals on a turkey are extremely small so using a large head increases your odds of success. Many of today’s top mechanical heads are a turkey’s worst nightmare. Many of them are marketed for big game hunting, but they work well on turkeys.
There are several companies that make turkey heads designed for bringing down Mr. Tom. Below are a few of my favorite broadheads to use when turkey hunting

Grim Reaper Whitetail Special

whitetail special    The Whitetail Special from Grim Reaper could also be called the Turkey Special. This mechanical head comes with 3-blades that when open, create a large 2-inch hole. Most 2-inch heads only offer two blades. The Whitetail Special offers three, which will provide even more cutting surface which is often needed when turkey hunting. This head has a cut-on-contact tip which will quickly penetrate and drop a tom in his tracks. This head is available in 100 grains. Learn more at

Muzzy M.O.R.E.

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Muzzy has a new turkey head called the M.O.R.E. that comes with some cool features not found onmost broadheads. For starters, the blades can be folded when not in use so the head is easier to transport in a quiver unlike many turkey heads. The head has three .051-thick blades that are built to devastate a gobbler. The blades are offset which is said to result in a more aerodynamic head, so it flies better. This fixed-blade head has a 3-inch cutting diameter. This head is available in 125-grains. Learn more at

Solid D-Cap

Solid d-cap            The D-Cap broadhead from Solid Broadheads is a heavy duty 3-blade broadhead that is built out of stainless steel and has a 4-inch cutting diameter that will quickly bring down a gobbler, especially if you shoot him in the head. This head has a single bevel and can be reused. If going after longbeards with a bow is something you enjoy and plan to do much of, consider this head. This head is a whopping 200-grains which will provide extra kinetic energy. Learn more at

Trophy Taker Ulmer Edge

TT Item 7205- 125 Gr Ulmer Edge- 2 Inch Cut- Deployed- JPEG

The Ulmer Edge mechanical broadhead from Trophy Taker is best known for being a top notch big game head but it also works well on turkeys. (See the picture of Jerod Lyle from Trophy Taker in this article).The Ulmer Edge that offers a 2-inch cutting diameter is a great turkey head. Because it flies like a field point and offers a large cutting diameter, it is extremely accurate in flight and extremely deadly. Best of all, the head has a blade retention system so with the twist of an Allen wrench, the blades won’t deploy so this head can be used as a practice head. When it is time to go hunting, reverse the Allen nut with a wrench and you are ready to hunt. This head is available in 100- and 125-grains.

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