A True Hunting Bow Test

When considering a new hunting bow or how your current bow compares to others, it can be difficult trying to discern one bow from another based on actual hunting performance.  Mostly because the industry standard performance measurement, IBO speed, is based on an abnormally long draw length and an arrow weight that is far less than ideal for targeting the big game animals that call our mountains home.  Here we compare six top-of-the-line bows based on their ability to shoot hunting weight arrows at ideal hunting speeds.  In the end, there is more to the right bow than potential speed, kinetic energy, and/or momentum, but these are important factors that should be in your set of variables as you look for a new setup.


Zach Bowhay

A widely published western big game writer and successful western big game hunter, Zach has taken multiple species in nearly every Rocky Mountain state. Zach is an expert elk caller and is highly regarded in the Western Hunting community for both his calling and abilities to successfully hunt elk on public land. He is an accomplished deer hunter as well, and enjoys hunting with both a rifle and archery equipment. He is exceptionally knowledgeable about gear and enjoys sharing his expertise to help others succeed.

3 comments on “A True Hunting Bow Test”

  1. Zakk, good insight into some "real testing"!

    The other important item cannot be depicted on video, pictures or text and that is the feel of the bow.

    Once you have narrowed your search down, by testing as you have, shoot the bow "blind bale" style to see which one feels the best for you. And you will know as soon as you shoot it!

    Great tips, Zach and keep them coming!

  2. Also notice the mass weight of the bows. Packing a 3.8lb bow vs 4.5lbs makes a difference. Interesting Test.

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