NEW Outdoorsmans Window Mount

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NEW Outdoorsmans Window Mount

Window mounts have been around for a long time, but the Outdoorsmans took them to the next level of quality and versatility. Most other units will mount securely to the window, but then they use a low quality head to which the scope is mounted.

The Outdoorsmans already makes the best hunting tripod heads on the market, so they just made it easy to use one interchangeable head for both a window mount and a tripod. Genius, right?

window 3Step by step, here’s how it works: 1) take an Outdoorsmans window mount base and attach the already included Quick Release Adapter to it; 2) if you’re using the new Micro Pan Head or the original Pan Head, their dovetail bases will attach directly to the Quick Release Adapter; if you use the pistol grip, you’ll need a 3/8 Outdoorsmans Adapter Plate; 3) If you take a Quick Release Adapter and put it on your tripod, then you can use the same head on the Window Mount and Tripod.

You don’t actually have to use an Outdoorsmans head (although I highly advise it). If you want to use a different head, just give the guys a call and they can set you up with the right parts.

window 2Why a window mount: While a window mount might have a stigma attached to it, there are plenty of completely practical uses to them. I must admit I had never been a big user of window mounts. If I’m bouncing down a dirt road, the only thing I usually wanted to do was get out of the truck and stretch my legs to glass, not just sit there and stare out of the window. Besides, I always kept my tripod and spotting scope handy, so it almost seemed lazy to not get out and use them.

Window 4Then I hunted antelope in Wyoming last fall and I learned a valuable lesson about the benefits of a window mount. The season was already two weeks old by the time my son and I arrived, so the antelope were spread out and skittish. Cold air from the north was supercharged by a constant 25 mph wind and my Arizona blood was struggling to keep me warm. The “hilly” terrain was etched by tons of ravines and cuts that were convenient places for antelope to hide. If I stopped the truck within eyesight of an antelope (which as you know is a long ways) they were immediately suspicious, and if I stepped out of the truck to set up my tripod, then they immediately ran….a long ways. By the time I was set up (after my cold hands fought with the tripod), the buck was too far to judge and the cold wind had everything shaking at 7.2 on the Richter Scale.

window 1It didn’t take long to realize that if getting out of the truck and setting up in the wind is hurting your hunt, then don’t do it (until it’s time to make the stalk). Hence the invention of the window mount, which essentially turns your rolled down window into a temporary tripod.

Additionally, this is a great setup for cold winter days when viewing wintering wildlife, hunting coyotes, and spending the cold off-season glassing for sheds. It’s also great for hot summer days to avoid sunburn. Finally, it’s a perfect way to reduce gear clutter in your truck!

As with all Outdoorsmans products, they’re they best quality possible, machined aluminum and made in the USA.

Cost: $114.99.

Contact: or 1-800-291-8065.


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