Expert analysis and education on the tools we rely on to successfully hunt the west.

Outdoorsmans Boulder 30

An off-shoot from their traditional hunting packs, the Boulder 30 was designed with your daily lifestyle in mind. The result is an everyday use pack focused on comfort, accessibility, and organization.
Swarovski dS 5-25×52 Smart Riflescope Overview

Swarovski does it again with the DS rangefinding rifle scope. See what it does, how it works, and why you should get one.

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Outfitting Your Hunting UTV: Part 2

These essential improvements should be a part of every UTV upgrade to keep it running safely and efficiently.

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Barrel Length 101

With the advancements in custom rifles and efforts to go ultralight, here is why you should put a short barrel on your next rifle.

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Outfitting Your UTV for Hunting: Part 1

UTV’s carry us into remote, rough, and difficult places with ease and should be outfitted with most of these essentials.

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Mathews Vertix Review

Just when you thought bows couldn't get better Mathews builds the Vertix and resets the bar for innovation.

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Zenbivy - The New Hunting Sleep System

Quilts... Are they a gimmick or an asset? Chris tries out the ZenBivy system to see what they all about.

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Proof Research Switch Rifle Review

Colton tests out the new Proof Research Switch Rifle, a modular option which allows you to switch barrels from home.

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Is It Time For A New Bow?

In the market for a new bow? Darrin reviews different buying strategies depending on when you purchased your last bow.

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What Lens for Hunting Photography

A camera lens is just as important as the camera body. Here is the info you should know before purchasing.

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The Nosler Mountain Carbon Rifle

Why can't a rifle be both lightweight and accurate? It can, and it's known as Nosler's Mountain Carbon.

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