Zach Bowhay
A widely published western big game writer and successful western big game hunter, Zach has taken multiple species in nearly every Rocky Mountain state. Zach is an expert elk caller and is highly regarded in the Western Hunting community for both his calling and abilities to successfully hunt elk on public land. He is an accomplished deer hunter as well, and enjoys hunting with both a rifle and archery equipment. He is exceptionally knowledgeable about gear and enjoys sharing his expertise to help others succeed.
Backpacking Water Filter Review

Although each of us can make personal gear choices, one thing all of us need daily is clean drinking water and usually a lot of it.

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Multi-Editor Bino Harness Review

This past fall we put five of our crew in new harnesses from some of the top companies in this arena and asked them to put them through a hunting season.

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WH Multi-Editor Boot Review Part-2

See what our editors had to say about the boots included in this multi-editor review.

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WH Multi-Editor Boot Review Part-1

9 editors were all able to put some real-time in each boot reviewed here and what follows are honest reports on what we thought of each.

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WH Multi-Editor Sleeping Bag Review

There are a lot of companies out there who make great sleeping bags. five of our editors reviewed their sleeping bags. Here are their findings.

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Western Hunters Top 6 Insulated Jackets for 2021

What makes the perfect insulated hunting jacket? This question is difficult to answer, as it varies greatly from person to person.

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Zeiss Spotting Scopes Comparison

With two scope options in the 85mm range, the big differences can be hard to find, here is everything you need know.

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The Extra Mile

Weary from a long season, refusing to give up is still the best strategy “Sleeping in that morning would have […]

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Hunt Different Elk Habitat for More Success

Although this area might not be as pretty as classic elk country, the "fringe areas" might lead to quality elk hunting.

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Elk Calling The Do's and Don'ts

Today’s market offers hunters short, wide, fat, tapered, stacked, long, and skinny reed elk calls, which one is right for you.

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