Jess Laughter
Dental hygienist, wife, dog mom, and hunter. Deep rooted traditions of pursuing game runs back to my childhood and carry’s on today. Hunting at our house is treated as a lifestyle and not just a hobby. Year round work and mindset fuels the fire for fall tags. Prefers archery equipment afield but isn’t opposed to a boom stick. Finds type 2 fun to be the most fulfilling. Documents adventures one small social square at a time: @wayupwestoutdoors | @justjess208
On a String

Jess relives a thrilling, multi-year journey culminating in finally taking down a bull elk.

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Shoot Like a Girl

Current Bow Specs: PSE Levitate S2 Cam26 ½” draw length, 58-lb draw weight, 390-grain total arrow weight, 100-grain expandable broadhead, […]

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Pre-Season Prep

At our house, preparation for hunting season takes place year-round in just about every aspect from fitness to dialing in […]

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