Darren Choate
Tripod Buyers Guide

Not all tripod legs are created equal - for good reason. There are three crucial criteria to consider when purchasing a tripod: 1) purpose, 2) use, and 3) requirements.

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Gear Legends - Outdoorsmans Tripod System

It could be argued that no product in the western hunting industry has had as much impact and profound change in the way we actually hunt as the Outdoorsmans Tripod

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What’s in a Multi-Tool?

There are many reasons to carry a multi-tool in the field. There are just as many factors to consider prior […]

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Why I Hunt? I Like It

Why Do You Hunt? I honestly believe why I hunt is not a choice; it is a calling that is […]

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Why Do I Hunt? My Dad

Why Do You Hunt? Why do I hunt? I never really thought about it that much aside from responding to […]

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Why Do I Hunt? Spirituality

Why Do You Hunt? In years past, hunting for me always involved family and friends. It wasn’t a one day […]

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Why Do You Hunt?

We Want to Know Why You Hunt As hunters, we often internalize the reason(s) why we hunt. In other words, […]

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Clearing the Way: Misadventure and Success in the Elk Woods

The bull darted through the small saplings, stopped, and bugled. The magnificent roar echoed through the tall pine forest. The […]

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