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Stone Glacier Skyscraper 2p Tent Review

I checked the weather just before I lost service driving through the mountains. It called for snow above 9,000 feet starting at midnight and going until 8 am. After a relatively short hike to 9,600 feet, an elevation that I felt would help me acclimatize to the mountains after driving straight through from the low valley of Phoenix...

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Season 7

Elk Rodeo

With no shortage of opportunity or weather, Nate sets his eyes on a perfect archery elk hunt in one of his favorite areas.

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In Field Tactics

Elk Calling: The Do's and Don'ts

Today’s market offers hunters short, wide, fat, tapered, stacked, long, and skinny reed elk calls, which one is right for you.

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Hydration 101

"Pushing your body in the backcountry in less than ideal physical condition is hard; pushing a poorly conditioned, dehydrated body is downright dangerous due to increased risk of heart attack and hyperthermia..."

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