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    Ep 30: Casey Richmond & Greg Williams of Eberlestock

    On the March/April cover of Western Hunter Magazine we have a spectacular image of Casey Richmond with his Idaho bull. […]

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    Ep 29: A year in the life of Alaskan boat captain Ross Hodek

    The life they lead is a crazy one, so I decided to sit down with boat captain and owner Ross Hodek and talk a little about the year in the life of a Alaskan boat captain. 

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    Ep 28: Kodiak Island Blacktail

    I have hunted blacktail deer on Kodiak Island in Alaska and believe the experience offers the most adventure for the dollar in all North America.  This year our crew included three guys who had never hunted in Alaska; Mark Denham, Levi Sopeland, and Kevin Guillen (who had never been to Alaska prior).

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    Ep 27: Dylan Dowson from OnX Maps

    OnX Maps pioneered the hunting GPS industry and has become the gold standard for western hunters. In this episode I sit down with Dylan Dowson from OnX to discuss the past, present and future of this technology. 

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    EP 26: Nate Simmons

    2021 was a heck of a year for The Western Hunter.  Nate Simmons and I sit down and talk about the […]

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    EP 25: Jordan Jonas

    Jordan Jonas, winner of the TV show Alone season 6, joins us.

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    Ep 24: Remi Warren

    Remi Warren doesn’t need an introduction to this audience. Like most of you, I think Remi is one of the […]

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    Ep 21: Rafe Nielsen

    Rafe Nielsen from Browning is back again! In this episode we talk about life without a SHOT Show in 2021, new rifle products and how those products are developed and brought to market.

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    Ep 14: Rafe Nielsen

    Rafe Nielsen is not only a hunting partner he is the marketing director at Browning. We spend time talking about Brownings origins, their contributions to our military, modern production practices.

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    Ep 23: Dean Capuano from Swarovski

    In this episode, I sit down with Dean Capuano from Swarovski. We go into detail about what it takes to make the best optics in the world and what the future may hold.

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    Ep 20: Roy Grace

    In this episode, we talk about why the record book is important and why we should all consider entering a trophy if it qualifies for the “Book”.

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    Ep 19: Kendall Card

    In this episode I talk again with Kendall Card from Crispi, about how to research websites to narrow down what features to improve your chances of making the best choice.

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