How To Eat For A 47.5 Mile Hike

    Intro/Synopsis Most people won’t attempt a 47.5-mile hike with almost 11,000 feet of elevation gain in one shot, and honestly, […]

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    The Average Joe

    Hi, my name is Joe and I’m average. Although I am normally pretty self-deprecating, the aforementioned statement is not meant […]

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    Pulling Rare Tags

    As the miles ticked by underneath the Toyota Tundra, I couldn’t help but think back over the last three months […]

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    Hard Yards Performance

    When it comes to preparing for a backcountry hunt, there are two camps of people; one camp throws a pack […]

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    Exercise and Mental Health

    "Everything from depression and attention deficit disorder to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases are reduced in people who exercise regularly. How does that work? As with many things, the answer lies in looking back to what our ancestors have known for millions of years: there really isn’t any distinction between mind/brain and body..."

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    Getting Prepared = Staying Prepared

    "If you are reading Western Hunter magazine, you are probably already in the elite, small percentage of hunters that harvest the majority of the game. If you aren’t and want to know how to stay prepared all year without spending a lot of money or time, please read on for what I have learned by studying the small percentage of good hunters that are routinely successful...."

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    Eat Bear Meat

    "Early American settlers also utilized bear meat, hide, and fat. Folks like Daniel Boone made a living selling the stuff to market. Eating bear was fairly normal until the early 1900s when the Teddy Bear was brought to life after Teddy Roosevelt spared the life of a bear that was tied to a tree. On that hunting trip to Mississippi, Teddy was having a rough go at finding bears..."

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    Its Time To Get Gardening

    I truly believe that gardening is an invaluable step to understanding where our food comes from, with the natural next step being harvesting an animal.

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    Off-Season Training Tips

    Every season has an ending, and every new season brings new opportunities. We need to look at the “off-season” as an opportunity to boost our performance in the backcountry.

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    How Social Media Will End Hunting

    Social media has changed the way we operate, and hunters are not immune to that change. It allows us to communicate, share, and self-publish… and it may be the single thing that leads to the demise of hunting.

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    Fitness Over 50

    At 57 years of age, I am convinced that physical and emotional health are the most critical components to truly enjoying a hunt.

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    Filming Your Own Hunts

    Tana shares some great tips and insight that she's learned throughout the years of capturing hunts on video with her family’s youtube channel Stuck-N-The-Rut.

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