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    EP 25: Jordan Jonas

    Jordan Jonas, winner of the TV show Alone season 6, joins us.

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    Ep 24: Remi Warren

    Remi Warren doesn’t need an introduction to this audience. Like most of you, I think Remi is one of the […]

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    Ep 21: Rafe Nielsen

    Rafe Nielsen from Browning is back again! In this episode we talk about life without a SHOT Show in 2021, new rifle products and how those products are developed and brought to market.

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    Ep 14: Rafe Nielsen

    Rafe Nielsen is not only a hunting partner he is the marketing director at Browning. We spend time talking about Brownings origins, their contributions to our military, modern production practices.

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    Ep 23: Dean Capuano from Swarovski

    In this episode, I sit down with Dean Capuano from Swarovski. We go into detail about what it takes to make the best optics in the world and what the future may hold.

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    Ep 20: Roy Grace

    In this episode, we talk about why the record book is important and why we should all consider entering a trophy if it qualifies for the “Book”.

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    Ep 18: Bakcou Bikes

    In this episode, I sit down with Bakcou founders Bryan and Dave to discuss their company, their bikes, the current status, and the future of hunting with e-bikes.

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    Ep 17: Kelly Glenn

    In this episode I sit down with Kelly to discuss the realities of modern ranching, their family history and “the wall” along the Mexican border.

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    Ep 16: Warner Glenn

    Warner Glenn is a special man, his story is better than Hollywood could ever dream up. Not only is he a rancher, but he has been hunting mountain lions since he was 5 years old, documented the first jaguar in the US, and worked on multiple films

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    Ep 22: Connor Gabbott

    Connor Gabbott is a professionally trained chef, photographer, videographer and hunter. In this episodes he shares his secrets for preparing and sharing wild game.

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