Western Hunter Magazine November/December 2021


Adventure Stories
Chapter Closed - Trever Thompson
The One True Giant - Jared Canty
Line of Sight - Randy Morrison
Like Father, Like Son - Cody Barnes
I Got Your Back - Ross Petrick
Brush With Death - Tana Grenda

Gear - Tactics - Information
WHM Christmas Gift Guide - Chris Denham & Zach Bowhay
Outdoorsmans SAR Rifle Review - Colton Bagnoli
Maximizing Bowhunting Forgiveness - James Yates
What's He Thinking - Mike Duplan
A Meat Bull - Remi Warren
Handling Elk Meat in the Backcountry - George Bettas
Bowhunting for Coues Deer - Josh Kirchner
Winter-Time Predators - Fred Eichler
Enzy Camper Review - Chris Denham
How to Be a Good Hunting Partner - Fred Eichler
Gear Review: Prime Nexus - Nick Gehring
Hunting with Hounds - Kyle Greene

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