Western Hunter Magazine November/December 2020


Adventure Stories

Everlasting Lessons - Todd Harney
No Doubt - Jenna Faz
The Heirloom Buck - Jace & Jett Howard
Two Pair - Austyn & Brooklyn Ekker
It’s for you, Dad - Brian Morris
Why Not? - Nick Heusser
Gettin’ It Done! - Brian Goble
Conquering the Bear Curve - Tyler Turco
Big Country – Big Blessings! - Kabri Shae Butler

Gear - Tactics - Information 
Outdoorsmans SAR700-A1 Rifle Chassis Review - Colton Bagnoli
Hunters in the Making: What to Do and What Not to Do - Remi Warren
DIY Alaska Brown Bear: A River Odyssey - George Bettas
Total Recall: Hunt Journaling - Erik Barber
Superheroes and Capes: Proper Trophy Care - Nick Gehring
Trail Cameras and Lions: A Patterning Technique - Kyle Greene
A Glimpse into the Life of the Eichler Family - Fred Eichler

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