Western Hunter Magazine May/ June 2022


Adventure Stories
The Engagement Bull - Brittany West
Big Enough - Josh Kempton
No Time Waster - Cody Rahmann
Hell or High Water - Caleb Miller
A Day to Remember - Matt Hammond


Gear - Tactics - Information
DIY Bow and Arrow Tuning - James Yates
Gunwerks' Rifle System - James Yates
Wounding Loss: Part 2 - George Bettas
Navigation in the Backcountry - George Bettas
Dialing It Back - Chris Denham
Gear Wish List - Fred Eichler
Foot Health & Recovery - Ty Hoelzen
Garmin Tracking Collars- Kyle Greene
The Big Picture - Levi Sopeland
Room to Roam - Tyler Boschma


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