Western Hunter Magazine March/April 2024


Adventure Stories
Sink or Swim ~ Casey Richmond
Waiting on Wyoming ~ Scott Bustos
Once-in-a-Lifetime... Again! ~ Brian Goble
The Greatest Race ~ Talon Tuttle
Three for One ~ Vince, Greg & Eric Castle
Toe Dragger ~ Matthew Ritchie

Gear - Tactics - Information
Top Secret Gear Leak ~ Remi Warren
Kifaru Ark Pack Frame ~ James Yates
Springfield Armory Waypoint Ridgeline ~ Colton Bagnoli
Archery Ballistics: Part 1 ~ James Yates
Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? ~ Mike Duplan
Baiting Bears: Extend Your Season ~ Kyle Greene
Tick Aware: Information to Stay Safe ~ Cody Barnes
Skinning and Fleshing A-Z – Part 2 ~ Nick Gehring
North American Super Slam: Muskox ~ Fred Eichler
Health & Fitness: Hiker’s Hooves ~ Matt Ward
Health & Fitness: New Year New You ~ Lindsay Persico

WHM Featured Artist
Kelsey Rae Morris

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