Western Hunter Magazine March/ April 2022


Adventure Stories
Coues Rodeo - Nate Remington
Team Effort - Ty Shaw
The Odds - KC Ramsey
Nevada Heat - Zach Bowhay
Canyon Monster - Wyatt Arndt
Glory Days - Jysen Lancaster
Father Time - Joe Rodriguez


Gear - Tactics - Information
Passage in the Backcountry - James Yates
Overcommitment - Mike Duplan
Keep Your Head in the Game - Remi Warren
Wounding Loss - George Bettas
Mathews V3X - Chris Denham
Wins and Losses - Fred Eichler
DIY Taxidermy - Nick Gehring
Hunting with Hounds - Kyle Greene
The Big Picture - Levi Sopeland
Room to Roam - Tyler Boschma
Snowy Mountain Rifles - Colton Bagnoli
Thermarest Ultralight Cot Review - Zach Bowhay


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