Western Hunter Magazine January/February 2024


Western Hunter Magazine January/February 2024

Adventure Stories

Gravitas - Jason Reid
Big Country, Big Bucks - Bob Rimsza
A Hunt for Dad’s Journal - Kelley Crimmings
The Real Prize - Joe Orr
The Hoodoo Bear - Cash Draper

Gear - Tactics - Information

Tripod Supported Shooting - Colton Bagnoli
Release Aids - James Yates
Planning & Prioritization - Mike Duplan
Super Slam: Alaska Yukon Moose - Fred Eichler
Skinning and Fleshing A-Z: Part 1 - Nick Gehring
Building A Strong Pack - Kyle Greene
Bulletproof Knees - Matt Ward
Stabilize Your Core - Lindsay Persico

WHM Featured Artist

Mark Maggiori - Pedram Parvin


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