Western Hunter Magazine January/ February 2022


Adventure Stories
King of the Mountain - Aaron Nelson
Tried and True - Jeffery Stephenson
When Persistence Pays - Jordan Conant
Right Place, Right Time - Travis Gross
YARAK - Cody Rapke
Respect for the Wild - Tana Grenda

Gear - Tactics - Information
Bore Sighting a Rifle Scope - Joe Mannino
Maximizing Bowhunting Forgiveness - James Yates
Rebulid, Rehab, and Re-issue - Mike Duplan
Close Quarter Glassing - Remi Warren
Blood Tracking Dogs - George Bettas
Hammered In The Mountains - Pedram Parvin
Dialing It Back: Wild Land Hippie - Marc Carlton
From the Publisher - Chris Denham
Are You Ready for Your Hunt - Fred Eichler
DIY Taxidermy - Nick Gehring
Hunting Bobcats with Hounds - Kyle Greene
Hunting Fitness - Ty Hoelzen
The Big Picture - Levi Sopeland
Room to Roam - Tyler Boschma


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