Western Hunter Magazine January/February 2021


Adventure Stories

Duzy the Dream - Storie Ratcliff
Gunning for Elk - Marc Carlton
Big Curl - Ben Thoman
Traditional Triumph - Luke Griffiths
36 Dark to Dark - Savannah Stump
Antlers and Acorns - Julie Kendall

Gear - Tactics - Information 
Back to the Basics - Tana Grenda
Product Review: Mathews V3 - Chris Denham
Hack-Free Hunting - Remi Warren
Fall Bear Hunting in the Southwest - Josh Kirchner
Eat Bear Meat - Josh Kirchner
California’s Columbian Blacktail - Todd Harney
10 Tips for More Coyotes - Fred Eichler
Gearing Up For The Off-Season - Kristy Titus
DIY Panel Mounts - Nick Gehring

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