The Western Hunter - Season 9


We spent more nights in the field during season 9 than any of the previous seasons.  The early seasons were slow with warm weather and smoked filled skies that hampered our ability to hunt effectively.  When we were successful it was always near the last day of the season or literally the last day.  For these reasons, Nate and I both felt it was one of our best seasons, long intense hunts make for good TV!

Only available for digital viewing. This is not a DVD.

Episode List:
Kodiak - Part 1
Kodiak - Part 2
Up in Smoke - Part 1
Up in Smoke - Part 2
Last Hurrah
Uncle Buck
Backcountry Coues - Part 1
Backcountry Coues - Part 2
Carpe Diem
State of Mind
Expectation vs. Reality
Hunting Stories

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