The Western Hunter - Season 7


Every season seems to have its peaks and valleys but this season, the gap between them was greater. Almost nothing went as we had expected. We tried things we had never done before. When things got tough, it got tougher. When it felt hopeless, miracles happened. We returned to some hallowed ground; we ventured into new country. We found answers. We were left with even more questions. Both dreams and nightmares became reality. Some chapters came to a close; new chapters began and others seem to have no end. We felt pain and experienced joy and we were thankful for every minute of it.

Episode List:
Slump Buster
Times of Old - Part 1
Times of Old - Part 2
Two Seasons
Rockies Repeat
Room with a View
Rush Hour
Love Thy Neighbor
One and Done
Double Play
3rd Times a Charm
Elk Rodeo
Colorado Curse


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