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This BaseMap + Western Hunter Subscription combo comes with a 1-year BaseMap Pro subscription with access to their mobile app, web-based platform, and all the innovative features and more. You will also receive your choice of a 1-year subscription to Western Hunter Magazine or a 1-year Super Subscription which gains you access to 6 issues of the magazine as well as all 100+ episodes of The Western Hunter. You would be hard-pressed to find a deal that has more bang for your buck.


Western Hunter Magazine

6 issues jam-packed with gear review, hunting tactics, information, and hunting adventure stories delivered straight to your door. With nearly three centuries worth of combined western hunting and outdoor industry experience, our staff of writers is as seasoned as they come. Their wide range of individual backgrounds and expertise ensures that each magazine issue provides high quality and authentic articles across a broad spectrum of western hunting topics.

Featuring articles from; Remi Warren, Nate Simmons, Chris Denham, Kristy Titus, Colton Bagloni, Fred Eichler, George Bettas, and more!

Western Hunter Super Subscription

This 1-year subscription includes 6 issues of Western Hunter Magazine as well as access to all 8 seasons of our award-winning series, The Western Hunter.  Join Nate Simmons, Chris & Mark Denham on their adventures through Mexico, the Rockies and into Alaska. 8 seasons of adventure featuring award-winning production and breathtaking landscapes.

BaseMap Pro

BaseMap is the industry-leading mobile and desktop mapping application providing hunters and outdoorsmen the tools and knowledge they need to plan, navigate, and share their outdoor adventures in all 50 states. BaseMap’s goal is to help people be more successful outdoors with easy-to-use, cutting-edge technology like 3D maps, Smart Markers, unlimited offline mapping, live location sharing, and much more.

Western Hunter Magazine

First published in 2003, Western Hunter Magazine has established itself as a valuable and reliable resource for its readership. With in-depth and thoughtful articles covering the latest in western hunting news, tactics, gear, and adventures, our bi-monthly publication is aimed to educate and connect with those who share our passion for western big game. From newcomers hunting the west to seasoned veterans, we work hard to ensure that each and every issue has something for everyone. If you’re a proud part of the western hunting tradition and lifestyle, we look forward to connecting with you through Western Hunter Magazine.

Gear Reviews

In-depth gear reviews and comparisons on binoculars, boots, rifles, knives, optics, and everything in between.

Expert Tips

Experienced takes on taxidermy prep, photography, shooting, archery, controversial topics, game care, e-scouting, and more.

Strategy & Tactics

Detailed strategy and tactics articles aimed to help readers succeed in the field

Hunting Stories

Unique and inspiring hunt stories by featured Western Hunters

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The Western Hunter Super Subscription

100+ episodes of The Western Hunter television series featuring public land hunts all across the west. 1 year of bi-monthly Western Hunter Magazine issues packed with gear reviews, wide-ranging expert advice, and exciting featured hunt stories by fellow subscribers.

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BaseMap Web
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"BaseMap is great for e-scouting an area I've never visited. I love the fact that I can download a portion of the map to use offline - it saved my butt a couple of times when I was a bit more turned around than I'd like to admit."
Douglas M.
Outdoorsmans Employee

Our Favorite Features

There are too many reasons to list why we choose BaseMap, but below are some of the stand-out features that we would be happy with if it was the only thing that existed.

New Feature!

XDR (Exact Direction and Range)

This navigation Mode is the industry-leading tool to get you from point A to point B easily, quickly, accurately, and safely. Set your bearing and follow. As you hike towards your destination, BaseMap will indicate with a green On Course text if you are on the right path, or a red arrow pointing towards the needed course correction if you are straying.

Watch it in action

Offline Mapping

Create an offline map in BaseMap before you head out on your adventure. You’ll have full access to the maps and layers you cache once you’re out of service. Cache unlimited offline maps with BaseMap Pro.

Video Tutorial

BaseMap Web

Use the Desktop Hunt Planner to filter important information like tag type, units, species, sex, weapon, and season start/ end dates. This powerful tool will also give you harvest data information like harvest success for different weapons.

Syncing Mobile & Web

Sync all data from your desktop to your mobile device and vice versa. Whether it is preseason scouting points of interest or important waypoints from during the hunt, have all this information at your fingertips no matter where you are looking at your BaseMap account.

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