Alaska Raw by Bob Lacher


The first time I stepped foot in Alaska I was already 50 years old.  In the six years since then I have made eight trips to the 49th state; hunting, fishing and adventuring.  Alaska truly is a sportsman’s paradise. But (and this is a big but) hunting there is extremely difficult and without the right equipment, experience, or enough money it is at times almost impossible.  The country is so vast and virtually roadless compared to the lower 48, that without and airplane, horse string or snow mobiles most of the state is out of reach. If you want to better understand this then you need to read  “Alaska Raw” by Bob Lacher.

-Chris Denham, Publisher Western Hunter Magazine

Lacher is a native Alaskan and his book a detailed look into many of his adventures.  His writing style is incredibly engaging and I found it easy to get up a little early each morning to read and very difficult to put it down and get to work! From Unimak Island to the Brooks Range using boats, planes and snowmobile while hunting caribou, big bears and Dall’s sheep, these true stories are captivating.

Lacher himself sums it up in the introduction: “This is a book about living those rare moments of authenticity. It’s a book about how small we really are, with stories laced with the sharp edges of risk and unknowable external influences. For a good part of my life that has been my oxygen and I want to share some of it with you now

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