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The Western Hunter Film Festival is Back!

For 2022, Western Hunter will be organizing and hosting an extensive hunting film showcase and competition, open to all members of the hunting community.

With the success and popularity of our television series The Western Hunter, we have an opportunity to not only inspire our audience to capture their hunts on video, but also provide them a platform on our website to share their adventures with a large audience.

Partnership Opportunity

We are looking to recruit a small number of fitting brands to participate in the Film Fest as advertisers and product donors for the winning prize packages. As a supporting Film Fest advertiser, your brand and/or products will be on a digital display in the following ways:

Brand Placement on Website

Brand logo and prize item listed on Film Fest landing page at WesternHunter.net, including verbiage such as “brought to you by”, “sponsored by”, “in partnership with”, etc. This is where all participant films will be submitted, and where we will host all films to be viewed by site visitors. This page is where all traffic will be directed through our advertising efforts.

Brand Placement in Email Marketing

Brand logo and advertising partnership featured in all Western Hunter Film Fest promotional content, updates, etc. shared in our newsletters (57,000 recipients), which will occur at least twice per month throughout the course of the event.

Social Media Engagement

Brand @name tagged in all Film Fest social media advertising and event awareness posts.

Our Plan to Success

By no accident, the 2021 Western Hunter Film Festival was a success. We had a plan in place and executed it to the fullest extent and made a splash. This year we're going to make that splash louder and bigger. We've learned from last year and made tweaks that will surely make this another exciting year to bring the community together and watch some awesome hunting all year!

Through all the efforts below we saw a whomping 54,286+ visits to our Film Festival Landing Page, 2,653 digital participants, and 70 film submissions!

Digital/Social Advertising
2021 we saw incredible success in our digital advertising. Using original video, submitted film footage, and static images we garnered over 650k impressions straight to the hunting community's social feeds.
Impressions via
Digital Advertisement in 2021
Social Participation

This is what it's all about. The community's response to the 2021 Film Fest was a success we had not anticipated but gladly welcomed. We've made a few modifications to the roadmap for 2022 that will cultivate a greater social response to our already successful system.

Note: Our Instagram account was recently banned (we're building it back better) so these numbers are extremely conservative.

Impressions via
organic social interaction including likes, shares, and messages.
Email Marketing

Email marketing is perhaps our biggest tool. With a direct line of communication between our filmers and our digital voters, our message was received over 190k times. We have plans this year to ramp up the amount of email marketing surrounding the Film Festival now that we have a list of interested participants.

Impressions via direct email marketing.
Print Media

Western Hunter Magazine is an integral part of our marketing plan. With thousands of magazines being seen and read by those who want to see and read all about hunting it's the most potent communication platform in our arsenal. 

Issues distributed with Film Festival Marketing Attached

Limit 4 - Two Remaining

Blockbuster Partner

$5,000 – $10,000

What you Receive:
Logo Featured all Film Fest communication
Logo Featured on Social Posts, On website, Part of Film Fest Logo
Dedicated Email in Our Welcome Drip
Product Promotion Feature Video for Social

Sponsorship Needs:
Prize Product Donation
Social Promotion from your channels

Limit 8

Executive Partner

$1,000 – $1,500

What you Receive:
Logo Featured on Website
Logo Featured on Emails
Product Promotion Feature Video for Social

Sponsorship Needs:
Prize Product Donation
Social Promotion from your channels

Limit 10

Producer Partner

$1,000 in Gear Donations

What you Receive:
Logo Featured on Website
Product Promotion Feature Video for Social

Sponsorship Needs:
Prize Product Donation
Social Promotion from your channels

Participate in the  2022 Film Festival

Were looking for brands of all stages in their development - if you need a custom-tailored partnership level please contact us and we'll work with you. Connect with Dave Bond directly by filling out the form or by giving him a call.

Email: Dave@westernhunter.net
Phone: (602) 695-8282

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