In Field Tactics

Articles aimed to improve your odds of success in the field.

    Late-Season Backpack Hunting

    While many guys day hunt from home or a luxurious base camp when winter starts setting in, you can still enjoy all of the benefits of a bivy camp while staying comfortable and safe, with not much more than a little extra thought and planning.
    How Turkey Hunting Can Make You A Better Elk Hunter

    If you want to be a great hunter, you need to hunt all the time. Being out in the woods is the best way to learn about the game you pursue.

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    How To Glass Without Using The Grid Technique

    It’s mid-afternoon. You’re laying on a rock in the sun, crumpling a candy bar wrapper and picking the last bits […]

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    From the Field to the Record Book

    Tips for using the record-keeping scoring system to help make your field judging more closely resemble actual trophy measurements.

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    5 Common Accuracy-Inhibiting Factors

    Adrienne & Hans Olufs, owners of West Coast Archery Shop review the equipment and shooting habit issues they see daily at their shop.

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    Blister Prevention Made Simple

    The importance of taking care of our feet in the field is no secret, yet we’ve all been there at one point or another, blocking out the unblockable pain of a blister.

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    One Foot at a Time

    My most miserable backcountry hunts haven’t been caused by bad weather or heavy packs; nope, they almost all involved blisters on my feet.

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    Three Steps To Making Better Shots On Game

    While there are many things I have done to improve myself as an archer and hunter, these are the three steps I feel made the biggest difference.

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    5 Principles for Success

    Let’s take a step back and share some big picture concepts that can be applied to virtually any hunt, in any location, by anyone of any skill set.

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    It's Worth Carrying

    I often hear the excuses made by hunters who make the conscious decision not to carry a sidearm to defend […]

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    To Build A Fire

    If you are unfamiliar with the classic Jack London short story To Build a Fire, it is a tale of […]

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