From taxidermy prep to cooking, this section covers anything and everything related to the Western Hunter lifestyle.

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    It's Time To Get Gardening

    I truly believe that gardening is an invaluable step to understanding where our food comes from, with the natural next step being harvesting an animal.
    Public Easements, Historic Use, and More

    As Americans, we enjoy many exceptional and unique freedoms and privileges. For hunters, our system of public lands is perhaps […]

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    How to Take Better Mountainscape Photography

    Tony explains the gear, elements, and techniques to create Mountain photography that conveys power and scale.

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    Eat Healthier with These Backpacking Food Options

    Chris explains the importance of physical conditioning, nutrition, and how they affect our success in the field.

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    Tips To Cure Skinny Fat Syndrome

    The cure for skinny fat won’t occur overnight, but with the commitment exercise protocol, you can combat the phenomenon.

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    Tips for Backcountry Camera Lens Care

    It really doesn’t matter how good your camera is if you don't have proper camera lens care, take it from a professional.

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    How to Become an Elk Hunting Guide

    Making a living as an elk guide is a dream job, here is a little information from Remi on how to actually make it happen.

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    Goalsetting - 4 Steps to Becoming Better

    Goalsetting can be tricky, take it from Kenton Clairmont who has been helping people execute plans for 24 years.

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    Home Gym for the Mt. Hunter

    Fall is just around the corner, don't get caught out of shape! Here are some products that can help you get ahead.

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    Advice for Sheep Hunt Training

    Don't wait until the last minute to get in shape, what you do now will be reflected once your sheep hunt starts.

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    Attack of the Killer (Insert Here)

    The list of things that can derail hunts is endless, so learn from the mistakes of others.....Like Remi.

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