Nick Gehring
Nick was born, raised, and resides with his wife and two girls in central Wisconsin, but his heart lives in the West. Nick works as a professional firefighter and paramedic, and also owns and operates Back to Life Taxidermy. He enjoys teaching, writing, and is continually amazed at the beauty and complexity of God's creation. He has a deep appreciation for everything wild and loves the challenge of preserving hunting memories through the art of taxidermy. Nick writes to encourage all hunters to learn basic skinning and mounting principles, reminding them that less money spent on taxidermy means more money available for future hunts!
How to Drag Out an Elk

Several years ago I found myself in a hidden drainage surrounded by bugling bulls. I’ve since come to call this […]

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DIY Taxidermy- Boiling a Skull

Looking for a better way to boil a skull for a Euro Mount? Taxidermy Editor Nick Gehring walks us through his step-by-step process.

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How To Cape An Animal For a Shoulder Mount

Want to learn how to be the person that every taxidermist would like to have present for the caping process of a hard-earned trophy.

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