Fred Eichler
Fred’s passion for bowhunting has taken him all over the world. He truly believes that any animal with a bow is a trophy, and his personal quest to complete the North American Super Slam with a recurve bow reflects that state of mind. In August of 2009, Fred harvested a cow Tule Elk to become the first person to take all 29 North American big game species with a recurve bow. Fred has been fortunate enough to share his love and enthusiasm of the sport with fellow bowhunters across the country through television shows and personal appearances. If you ever run across Fred in the woods or at your local bow shop, you’ll be greeted with a sturdy handshake and a big smile.
Getting Prepared = Staying Prepared

"If you are reading Western Hunter magazine, you are probably already in the elite, small percentage of hunters that harvest the majority of the game. If you aren’t and want to know how to stay prepared all year without spending a lot of money or time, please read on for what I have learned by studying the small percentage of good hunters that are routinely successful...."

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Scopes and Terms Simplified

Here are a few things I’ve learned about scopes and some simple definitions or descriptions of words or terms you may hear associated with scopes.

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What You Should Carry in Your Hunting Pack & Why

The difference between a comfortable and uncomfortable hunt can depend on what items you have in your pack.

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In the Shadow of the Volcano

Great opportunities await for all fall bears My son Trent is 14 and like many 14 year olds, he has […]

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Anti-hunting Hunters: Apathy is the worst policy

Anti-hunting hunters. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? Sadly, it isn’t a joke. What’s scary is that the anti-hunting hunter is often […]

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The Do's and Don'ts of Getting Kids Hunting

Fred shares his thoughts on introducing his sons to hunting and how to avoid making the mistake of too much pressure.

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Turning Predator Hunting Into Profit

You probably won’t get rich selling furs, but it’s a great way to earn some extra cash while keeping a tradition alive.

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How to Use Trail Cameras for Predators

Trail cameras aren't normally used for predators but these tips will make you add them to your predator hunting strategy.

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Tips for More Success with a Coyote Call

Here is Fred's opinions on how to have more success coyote hunting; a list of what, how, and why he does what he does.

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