In typical goHUNT fashion, they have constantly added new features to INSIDER. They already have complete state, unit, species and season coverage that you can quickly sort using Filtering 2.0… and now they have draw odds. Every hunter wants them, people claim to have them… but goHUNT are the only ones that have them right.

To give you a level of the depth they went into with their draw odds, you can look at their home state of Nevada.

From what we have seen… goHUNT has the most accurate Nevada draw odds anywhere because their odds include all 5 choices, not just the first choice like other companies. Something that has never been done before in the industry.
Not only does goHUNT have all five choices, they have all five choices at every point level, so they know how many “tickets” are in the barrel for each unit and season. To confirm their models, they ran over 100,000 data simulations. That process maxed out a 36 processor computer and they kept the simulation running for over seven hours to ensure the highest level of accuracy. From a data standpoint… that sounds like the odds we’d want to base our hard earned points on!


Currently goHUNT has draw odds for seven western states: Colorado
, Idaho, Montana, 
Nevada, New Mexico
, Utah, 
and Wyoming. Their initial release of draw odds were launched without Arizona. As most of you know, Arizona drastically changed their draw process for 2016, this complicates things because you can’t calculate how the new draw will unfold. Releasing odds for Arizona in 2016 would have shown false information.

Using draw odds on INSIDER


Not only can you look at all your odds for a state in a single detailed view, you can also quickly see draw odds when you are filtering for trophy potential and then once you are in a unit profile, you’ll be able to see your odds at each season level.

You can check out goHUNT’s Draw Odds and their other research tools by joining INSIDER. Plus, they have agreed to give our members a $50 Sportsman’s Warehouse gift card for signing up, just be sure to use the WHUNTER promo code.