Heather's Choice Packaroon Sampler


The Packaroon Sampler is a great way to taste test all 8 flavors to see which is your favorite, or ensure that your pack will have great variety over the course of a long hunt.

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Heather's Choice Packaroons are 1oz each and range from 150-180 calories depending on flavor. The Sampler Pack includes 16 individually-wrapped Packaroons, broken down by the following flavors:

2 Single Packs, Lemon Lavender
2 Single Packs, Spiced Cocoa
2 Single Packs, Orange Vanilla
2 Single Packs, Black Espresso
2 Single Packs, Sweet Coconut
2 Single Packs, Blueberry Almond
2 Single Packs, Amaretto
2 Single Packs, Mint Chocolate

Made in Alaska, USA.

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