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When will I receive my magazine?


Western Hunter Magazine now prints bi-monthly by the 15th of every other month. In order to receive the current issue, you must subscribe or renew by the 10th of that month. The next issue is set to print in June. Magazines are mailed directly from the printer. 


Wait, didn't you have another magazine?


Yes. In Spring 2017, we decided to combine Elk Hunter Magazine with Western Hunter Magazine. Our one publication is now longer with more elk specific content. Several of your favorite writers from Elk Hunter now appear in Western Hunter. If you had any remaining issues left of Elk Hunter, they were added onto a Western Hunter Magazine subscription automatically.


I want to give someone a subscription as a gift. How do I do that?


Our magazine makes a fantastic gift! Simply enter their name and address as the shipping information at checkout and they will be subscribed!


How do I know if my subscription is expired?


Please give us a call at 480-993-6972 or email us at Info@WesternHunter.net. We can let you know what your subscription status is.


I recently moved but it doesn't seem like my magazines are being forwarded. What should I do?


There is a good chance your magazine will not be forwarded, so please contact us immediately and we can get your new address updated.


I missed an issue with my subscription. Are you available on newsstands?


You can find the current issue on newsstands everywhere, but you have the best chance of locating a copy at your local sporting goods store.


Can I subscribe even if I don't live in the United States?


Absolutely, we love our non-US customers! Just please be advised that additional shipping charges may apply.


I had an extraordinary hunt that I think people would enjoy reading about. Where can I submit my story and pictures?


Please submit your story to info@westernhunter.net for a chance to appear in a future issue!


I am interested in advertising in your magazine. Who should I contact?


You may reach out to Dave Bond and Chris Denham regarding advertising opportunities. Please email them at dave@westernhunter.net and cdenham@cox.net


I love the show!! When does the new season start?


We air new episodes summer-fall currently on the Sportsman's Channel


Can I find out where the guys hunt on the show?


They hunt the west on public land, that's all we can say ;)


What type of equipment do they use?


You can see a list of the current sponsors for the show here