It isn’t Venison Bacon….but it isn’t Chopped Liver Either

A good summer sausage or salami is a true staple of “what do I do with all this stuff I don’t want to keep as steaks” solution since the days of Gug and his fellow cavemen. It’s a savior when you get to the point that, as much as you like hamburger, you’re just flat hamburgered out. It’s also versatile – garlic, jalapeno, spicy, Cajun, you name it; it has a great assortment of possibilities. Here’s how to make it.

Step 1. First, let’s assemble the materials. We’re using Fat Daddy’s Summer Sausage seasoning packets ( You’ll also need 25 lbs. of meat (all wild game or up to a 50/50 mix with pork trim if you desire), 2.5 cups distilled water, and some 2.5”x20” mahogany casings

1You could also add onions, jalapeno, high-temp cheese (holds together in pockets better), peppercorns, or whatever you like.


Step 2. Follow the instructions for the casings. For this batch, we’re going to soak the casings for ten minutes in hot water



Step 3. Mix the white maple cure with the water and then add the seasoning packet. Mix well.




Step 4. Add the mixture to the meat and then mix  for around five minutes until meat is tacky.


Step 5. Fill the mahogany casings firmly, using either a tabletop or commercial-grade stuffer.7

Step 6. Seal the open end of the casing by twisting it tight and then stapling it with a set of hog ring pliers and a hog ring.89


Step 7. Invariably, you’re going to have some meat left in the stuffer. Fill the rest by hand 10, but this will leave air pockets. Use a pin  to allow some slight air seepage and then twist tight to pack it firm.11

Step 8A: Smoking.

  • Preheat smoker to 100°F.
  • Insert a temperature probe into the middle of one sausage and put the meat into the smoker 12
  • Open dampers wide and run for 1 hour.
  • Increase temperature to 110°F.
  • Add 2/3 pan of moistened sawdust and smoke for 4 hours with top damper 1/8 open and bottom damper ¾ open.
  • Add another 2/3 pan of moistened sawdust and increase heat to 170°F.
  • Smoke until internal temperature reaches 156°F.


Step 8B: Oven.

  • Back in the mixing process, if you want smoke flavor, add Liquid Smoke.
  • Line bottom of oven with foil to catch drippings.
  • Lay the sausage on screens.
  • Insert temperature probe into middle of one sausage.
  • Cook at lowest possible temperature for one hour (leave oven door slightly open if necessary).
  • Bake at 180-200 until product reaches internal temperature of 156°F.


Step 9. Remove and cool in cold water bath over 20 minutes until temperature falls to 110°F.13


Step 10. Dry off and trim ends for packing.14


Step 11. Sneak a cook’s reward before vacuum packing for long-term storage in freezer.15



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