Since our new show, The Western Hunter started to air, we’ve received many questions from readers and viewers regarding gear, tactics and more. This new section on our blog will attempt to answer a couple of those questions each week.

Question: I was watching The Western Hunter high country mule deer hunt and I saw a short segment where you put a orange handled folding knife with a clip in your pocket.I would like to know the make and name of the knife. I have been looking for a good folding knife to backpack with I have not found the right one yet. -Ken

Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 1.55.14 PM (2)

Answer: Thanks for the email, and I’m glad you’re tuning in to our show. The knife you saw was the Lone Wolf “Landslide” ( Lone Wolf makes some killer blades, of very high quality, with a cool program where you can send them in and they’ll actually sharpen them for you as well. I really like mine. I’d also recommend the Mountainside Series, even though they aren’t folding knives, as you had wanted. The caper and skinner are both really good as well. Either way, good luck! -Ryan

Lone Wolf Knives


Question: What pack is Ryan using in last week’s episode? – Jake


Answer: Ryan is using the Outdoorsmans Pack. The Outdoorsmans designed a pack to meet the needs of the optics hunter, but versatile enough to use on almost any hunt you can imagine. It boasts 5,4000 cubic inches of space, and has an optional pod attachment that will add another 2,000 cubic inches. The most crucial part about the pack is it’s frame, which literally has never been beaten or replicated by another company. On their website, you can learn more about the pack, check out detailed information about its’ features and even order one for yourself.

Outdoorsmans Pack


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