The best listens for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts

With this issue, we’re starting a new column that will highlight podcasts – of the hunting variety and some completely unrelated that can benefit other aspects of your life. Why are we doing this? Well, “listen up”. 

Podcasts are one the fastest growing segments of all media…and for good reason. Unlike broadcast radio, the expense to create a quality show is very low, so there aren’t constant commercial interruptions. Podcasts also don’t have time limitations. This allows the host and guest to discuss topics in depth and not just gloss over the highlights.  

As a listener, you can pick and choose which podcasts you want to listen to and do it on your own schedule. And the best part is you get it all for free! There are no subscriptions or fees! 

Due to the low cost of entry, there are thousands of podcasts from which to choose. Your time is valuable and it can be a little overwhelming when you first start using the different podcast applications, so we’re here to help. 

If you aren’t familiar with how to access podcasts from your smartphone, it’s relatively easy. If you have an iPhone, then the Apple Podcast app should already be loaded. The icon looks like this…  If you have an Android smartphone, the preloaded app will look like this….  Just hit the button and start searching for your first podcast.  

I highly encourage you to give podcasts a chance. Learning should be a lifelong endeavor. Rather than listening to the same old song on the radio for the 1248th time, here’s a chance to learn something new every day. Some of the smartest and most successful people in the world are ardent podcast consumers.  

Though we are all hunters, we are also parents, gardeners, hikers, health enthusiasts, business owners, etc. Thus, our top picks in each issue won’t just be about hunting. They’ll also include episodes that offer something unique, educational, or inspiring. Happy listening! 


MeatEater – Episode 12

Release Date: June 25, 2015
Host: Steve Rinella along with Janis Putelis
Guests: Andrew Radzialowski and Randall Williams 

No podcast review would be complete without highlighting MeatEater. Steve Rinella is one of the preeminent thinkers, orators, and hunting advocates of our time. He and Janis Putelis have been producing quality shows for close to three years, with 150 episodes available. Steve is the king of long-form content, mostly because each episode will hit on multiple topics and dig deep on each one.   

Episode 12 is my all-time favorite. I can still remember listening to it two years ago as I drove through northern Nevada into southern Idaho. Steven and his guests dive into the history of hunting in America, from market hunting to modern times. 

Their discussion of the true history of the plains bison and their ultimate demise –  versus what we were all led to believe – is outstanding. But the segment in which Randall Williams talks about how the invention of the modern chest freezer may have changed how hunters interact (or fail to interact) with the non-hunting public and the ramifications truly altered my thinking on the value of my game meat.

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Epic Outdoors – Episode 63 

Release Date: March 1, 2018
Topic: Application Strategies
Host: Jason Carter and Adam Bronson
Guest: Epic Outdoors staff  

When it comes to understanding Western states’ application processes, best units, sleeper units, and OTC opportunities, Epic Outdoors is the expert. Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, and their team have been entrenched in the business longer than anybody and still attack each season like it was their first.  

Given this expertise, they have drawn some of the most coveted tags in the West and have hunted extensively in every state. Their podcast reflects this diversity. 

In Episode 63, the team discusses their personal application strategies for the 2018 season with solid advice on each Western state. By the time you’re reading this article, they will have a new episode available in which they discuss the 2019 application process. I was in the hunting application business for many years and I still learned some valuable tips and appreciated their insights regarding long and short-term strategies. 

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The Tim Ferriss Show – Episode 124 

Release Date: December 6, 2015
Host: Tim Ferriss
Guest: Jamie Foxx  

The Tim Ferriss Show is one of most listened to podcasts in the world…and for good reason. Tim is an excellent interviewer and is a genius at keeping his guest on topic and getting the very most from each minute. He has interviewed celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger, entrepreneurs like Elon Musk and Richard Branson, as well as athletes like LeBron James.  

With each guest, his goal is to discover what habits and strategies led them to become world class in their selected field. Of course this isn’t a hunting podcast, but the lessons that can be learned can be applied to every facet of our daily lives.  

In Episode 124, Ferriss interviews Academy Award-winning actor and Grammy Award-winning musician, Jamie Foxx. It’s a fascinating behind-the-scenes look into the world of Hollywood and the music industry. It was recorded in Foxx’s in-home music studio and is studded with music performance and some crazy impersonations. It’s one of my favorite podcasts of all time.   

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 Beyond the Kill – Episodes 1 and 100 

Host: Adam Janke
Guest: Donnie Vincent  

Beyond the Kill is a product of the Journal of Mountain Hunting. Host Adam Janke is one of the most intelligent podcast hosts in the hunting arena. Janke is from British Columbia, so I find the contrast between a Canadian and American perspective refreshing and educational. While many of the episodes surround mountain hunting, as the name Beyond the Kill implies, the topics cover every aspect of hunting life. There is a consistent underlying theme about why we hunt, how we communicate with the non-hunting world, and how we can protect our heritage. 

In Episodes 1 and 100, Adam interviews filmmaker, Donnie Vincent. Episode 1 was recorded years ago over a cell phone line, so the audio quality isn’t great, but hang in there; Vincent’s insights are worth it! Episode 100 was recorded in a BC bear camp while filming their recently released work, “The Other Side”.  

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