Glassing with a Tripod

One of the best ways to spot game while hunting and scouting is to put your binoculars on a tri-pod.  It might seem odd at first, but the enhanced filed of view and unmatched stability increase your ability to pick out movement and profiles faster and with less eye strain than any other setup.  Zach explains the system the team at HUNTDIY uses and the benefits.


Zach Bowhay

A widely published western big game writer and successful western big game hunter, Zach has taken multiple species in nearly every Rocky Mountain state. Zach is an expert elk caller and is highly regarded in the Western Hunting community for both his calling and abilities to successfully hunt elk on public land. He is an accomplished deer hunter as well, and enjoys hunting with both a rifle and archery equipment. He is exceptionally knowledgeable about gear and enjoys sharing his expertise to help others succeed.

2 comments on “Glassing with a Tripod”

  1. Zach,
    Which size tripod are you using in the glad sing with binocular video? Is the pan head and adapter the same as on the website?

  2. […] I’ve owned a pair of 12×50 Razor HD’s since they were first introduced. I’ve used them on multiple hunts over the years and have loaned them to many friends, and nobody has been disappointed in their performance. The center resolution is excellent, but each tester noticed some color fringing. Still, we agree that it would never cost us a deer in the field. The Razor’s seemed to be the hardest to handhold, which I attribute to the fact that they are the lightest pair in the test and the most compact. Both of these points could easily be a positive attribute as well. They are threaded for a center post for easy mounting to a tripod. […]

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