Most of us who do a lot of bowhunting in the West are always looking for a way to increase our accuracy. Let’s face it: we have to have our form, our bow and all our gear on the bow dialed in if we want to split hairs at 60 yards and beyond while practicing in the backyard or in the field. In recent years, technology like rangefinders, adjustable sights and more accurate bows have helped us all become more accurate. Now there is a new iPhone App called the UNO from Full Flight Technology that might help all of us shoot even more accurately.

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The UNO App is designed to help an archer quickly and accurately setup their bow. Here is how it works. You sight-in at one distance, say 20 yards, plug performance data from the shots into the UNO App along with a couple of dimensions measured from the peep at full draw.  The app then gives you set of sight marks in your smartphone screen all the way out to 80 yards. You place the phone against the sight housing, line-up the 20 yard cross hairs with the pin that you already set and gap the rest of the pins using the corresponding marks displayed in the phone. With the UNO App, there is no guessing and no moving your pins up and down with an Allen wrench a hundred times until you get it right. The app does all the work for you.

The app eliminates human error because there is no traditional “sighting in” required beyond 20 yards.  “When you eliminate human error from the equation, you are bound to become more accurate. The longer ranges from 60-80 yards can be tough to sight in because an archer’s group size increases with distance.” said Bob Donahoe, the Founder of Full Flight Technology. “The goal of the UNO App is to eliminate second guessing on pin placement so archers are confident that their bow is set up right the first time.” Full Flight hasn’t ignored single pin shooters as Donahoe offered that “at launch, we expect the app to provide sight marks that single pin shooters can use to create their own tapes in the field.

Full Flight is using a crowd funding website called Kickstarter to accept pre-orders for the app and help fund the project. “Our goal is to launch the UNO App by late Summer,” said Donahoe. “For us to do that, we need people to pre-order the app on the Kickstarter website.”

How Kickstarter works is a manufacturer, in this case Full Flight Technology, sets a funding goal that has to be reached to bring the product to market. Full Flight’s goal is $25,000. Archers can log onto the Kickstarter campaign page and pre-order the Uno App for $10. Everyone who pre-orders at the $10 backer level or more receives something in addition to the app as a bonus. Those who pledge larger amounts can receive cool gear including the electronic bow tuning device, the Velocitip System, which is the company’s flagship product.

Uno App

There are roughly three weeks until the end of the campaign so now is a great time to visit the Kickstarter website and check out the Uno iPhone App. Can you image spending ten or fifteen minutes to sight in your bow instead of an hour or more? It is amazing how far technology has brought us.

The campaign has raised about $10,000 so far. To pre-order the Uno iPhone App or to simply check it out, visit the campaign page here.


About the Author: Tracy Breen is a full-time outdoor writer, speaker and marketing consultant in the outdoor industry. He currently works with a variety of companies including Mathews Archery, Wilderness Athlete, Full Flight Technology and Schaffer Performance Archery. Learn more about him at