By: R. Cade Powell 

Every now and then a product comes along that catches your eye. Such was the case when I saw Skull Plax for the first time:

There have been quite a few companies recently that have tried to cash-in on the European mount craze. None of them have struck me as something I really wanted in my home. The first time I saw Skull Plax, I knew that even my wife would appreciate these beautiful hand-crafted plaques.

After a recent pronghorn hunt with my 2 oldest daughters, I ordered the etched Pronghorn Skull Plax as “the final resting place” for Paige’s first big-game animal.

Each Plax has:

  • 100% Rustic Alder Wood.
  • Custom etched Pronghorn.
  • Acrylic inlay hoof print for teeth to rest on.
  • No drilling of skull required.
  • Easily change skulls in minutes.
  • Reversible from wall mount to pedestal mount.
  • Each one is uniquely different and hand finished.
  • Made in the USA.



John also makes plaques for elk, mule deer, whitetails, mtn. lion, bear, plaques with picture frames instead of an etched animal, shadow boxes for turkey fans, and he can do anything in his custom shop that you ask for. Go online to: for more photos and to order.