The Mountains and Elements –  Our Lab

We built this company on a simple premise – SKRE Extreme Mountain Gear produces ultra-durable, ultra-lightweight, breathable, comfortable and functional layering systems at a responsible price.  Our failures with overpriced hunting apparel inspired us to craft a layering system that was tough as nails and performed with the top mountaineering and hunting apparel companies in the industry.  Our business model is simple –  create a layering system using proprietary mountain tested fabrics with no compromise in concealment, performance, and durability at a price a working man could afford.  Rather than testing these fabrics in a lab, we hunted above timberline in early fall, crossed rugged glaciers in Alaska and hunted the Sonoran Desert in January. We traversed all the brutal terrain the Rocky Mountains offer. We hunted for mule deer in late November and chased Bugling Elk in the fall. We sat in tree stands in the hardwoods while taking a beating from a stout Northern wind. We even traveled to the dark continent to chase plains game.  Our testing took us through multiple seasons and once our line passed all the metrics, we launched our company.

The Golden Rule

Although quality and price are important competitive advantages, the third, and possibly most important distinction at SKRE is how we treat our clients.  Here is another simple premise: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.  We strive to go above and beyond in all aspects of client management and wish to treat people as people and not just profit centers.  Not only do we state this openly, but back up our words through our best in class client management policies.  As an example, in the event of an exchange we pay for the shipping costs back and forth until you are outfitted correctly.  We also have a no questions asked return policy and Lifetime Warranty on all our products.

A Revolution in Concealment

Mountain Stealth: Our Flagship Pattern

We partnered with one of the world leaders in camouflage design to bring you the most universal pattern in the industry. Whether you are hunting above timberline or the high desert, MTN-STEALTH is the most effective pattern for multiple habitat environments. Making the most effective camouflage requires a working knowledge of visual systems, color science, micro/macro-geography, natural fractal geometry and a host of other sciences including but not limited to physics, chemistry and biology. What we attempt to do with fractal camouflage is to merge common shapes with the correct background and then scale them to the appropriate size to properly disrupt the shape of the target. This is what makes MTN-STEALTH universal in multiple habitat environments, and extremely deadly when closing the distance on a trophy of a lifetime.

Summit:  Elevate your success

In the coming weeks and after close to two years of operation, we are releasing our second proprietary pattern: Summit. We took the Mountain Stealth Fractal and blew it up 4X, used five lighter pantones, and designed the pattern for open country. Pre-Order available over the Thanksgiving weekend!

Check out their new pattern here

We are confident you will enjoy your experience in the field.  Give us a try, you won’t be disappointed!