“Gear, not garments”

Ten years ago, western hunters had a choice between a couple of camo patterns and two materials – cotton or fleece. Then the technical hunting revolution started, and within the last few years, there are literally over a dozen companies offering high-tech fabrics with athletic cuts and proprietary camouflage patterns.

Plythal is based in Arkansas. Though they are a relatively young company, their crew members are all hardcore hunters who love to hunt the West as well.

I’ve treestand hunted skittish Midwest whitetails enough to know that you better understand layering systems, scent control, moisture control, and noise control, all of which are critical to western hunters as well. The Plythal line is engineered to give the hunter maximum control over all of these factors, with innovative patterns and all at a reasonable price.


Three Systems of Layering

Plythal created three complete layering systems based on the season and temperature.

Scrapeline: This line is made for warmer temperatures, but with insulation to handle cool mountain evenings. It’s perfect for August mule deer hunts and into September elk hunts.

Pre-Rut: This series is built to handle frosty mornings when snow starts to hit the peaks but when temperatures warm up to typical mid-fall afternoons.

Full Rut: This is perfect for late hunts on frozen ground or for prolonged glassing sessions on a windy day when maintaining any and all warmth is priority one.



Whether you’re planning a spring bear hunt in the rainforest along the Canadian coast or an early-season deer hunt, Plythal has the right raingear for the job. The Monsoon Jacket ($249) and the Monsoon Pant ($229) are tough enough to handle long hikes in brushy country. The Packable Rain Jacket ($129) and Pant ($99) will keep you dry during those early thunderstorms yet only weighs less than 24 oz. and takes up a tiny amount of space in your pack.



Plythal offers a digital and a photo-realistic camo pattern. Though whitetail hunters still lean heavily toward the branch-and-leaf designs, western hunters have fallen in love with digital patterns. I’ll never claim to know what an animal actually sees, but digital patterns just seem to “disappear” to the human eye.

Plythal offers brown-based Digital Marsh and a more green-based Digital Forest patterns. They also offer multiple products in plain black, which should appeal to anyone using a ground blind.


Odor Control

During extended backcountry hunts, odor control becomes a big issue. Even though a deer or elk is still going to smell me when I make a mistake, I don’t want to smell myself or my hunting partner! All of Plythal’s gear is treated with zinc pyrithione, a completely safe anti-microbial compound to minimize bacterial growth. So on day three, four, or five, that shirt you’ve been wearing everyday will still be fresh.

The technical clothing market is moving fast with new materials, new patterns and new companies coming into play. With decades of wisdom and knowledge gained in the whitetail woods combined with a passion for mountain hunting, Plythal brings a unique angle to a competitive market.

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