A Setup for the Budget-Conscious and Practical Bowhunter

 Hoyt Charger – MSRP $500


While I was at the Hoyt booth, I came across their new mid-priced Charger bow. In my opinion, this bow is one of the best values on the market. At only $499, the Charger is a real shooter. It has a super smooth draw cycle that breaks over into a nice valley. At the shot, there is hardly any recoil at all. All this is great, but at that price,it can’t perform anywhere near as well as the upper-end bows, right? Wrong. At 325 fps, the Charger is within 5-10 feet per second of nearly every bow in their lineup, including the popular Carbon Matrix and Element. I shot this bow at ATA, but then I also went to my local pro shop and spent some time shooting it there, too. I never felt like I was shooting a budget-priced bow. Instead, I felt like I was shooting a top performer. This bow is a joy to shoot and it won’t break the bank. www.hoyt.com.

Trophy Ridge React Bow Sight – MSRP $150


Early in the show, I asked a friend if he had seen anything interesting yet and he told me about the new React Sight from Trophy Ridge. I eagerly headed over to to check it out. As soon as I had a chance to look the sight over, I knew this was the perfect sight for this setup. The way the sight works is once you set your 20 and 30 yard pin, the sight makes it mathematically impossible for your 40,50 and 60 pins to be off. So, sticking with my theme of“easy yet functional”, this is the perfect sight. The sight has .019 pins and takes no tools for adjustment. After any changes you make to your bow, you simply just have to sight your 20 and 30 back in and you’re ready to rock again in no time. www.trophyridge.com.

G5 Halo Arrow Rest – MSRP $50


Since the invention of the Whisker Biscuit, many companies have tried to improve on this popular design. Although other companies (including Whisker Biscuit) have kept making better rests, I think G5 has hit a home run with their new Halo rest. This rest has three forward-slanted launcher arms and feels as if it will hold up to many more shots than the brush-style rest of the past.Also, all three arms are independently adjustable, so it can be used for the new slim-diameter arrows clear up to the fattest shafts made. Overall, the rest seems simple, tough, and easily adjustable – everything needed for a guy looking for a simple, effective bow rig!www.g5outdoors.com.

Alpine Soft Loc Quiver – MSRP $58


I looked at dozens of bow-mounted quivers in my search for the right quiver for this simple, budget-minded setup, but none impressed me as much as the Alpine Soft Loc quiver. Although not new for 2013 (it has been in their line for many years), it’s still a top-notch product. It has a unique system wherethe quiver locks right into a rubber piece that mounts to your bow. The rubber mount is not only effective at dampening noise, but it also has several mounting holes for ultimate adjustability. The Soft Loc quiver is as good a value as you’ll find. www.alpinearchery.com.

LimbSaverMini S-Coil Stabilizer – MSRP $23


For years,LimbSaver has been coming out with innovative ways to keep our bows quiet and vibration-free. Their S-Coil stabilizer is a great product for the no-frills guy who just wants a product that works. It doesn’t do much as far as adding weight out in front of your bow like the B-Stinger, but it does exactly what it was designed to do – take as much vibration as possible out of the bow. They also added some new fun colors this year for those who want a little different look. www.limbsaver.com.