Mountain hunters are a special breed.

Every item they pack on a hunt has a purpose. Because gear means ounces and ounces add up to pounds. And pounds… they eventually equal pain.

From cutting the handle off of toothbrushes to scraping the rubber armor off a spotting scope, mountain hunters seek to trim every ounce possible, but still maintain the utility of their tools.

This was the mindset with which Nosler approached the Model 48 Mountain Carbon rifle. The company’s rifle development team had been watching the growth of the ultra-light hunting rifle category, but they kept seeing compromises made between weight and accuracy. To them, this was like cutting the handle off the toothbrush, keeping the handle and throwing away the brush.

With the Mountain Carbon rifle, Nosler enlisted the help of experts in carbon fiber stock development, ballistics engineers and the leading innovators in carbon-wrapped barrel technology to ensure that the rifle was as light as possible, but still exceptionally accurate.

The result is a 6-pound, 24” barrel rifle that promises sub-MOA accuracy and won’t bust your budget.

Carbon fiber technology is prevalent throughout the Mountain Carbon, from the light sendero contour, cut-rifled, wrapped barrel to the 100% carbon fiber Aramid reinforced stock. This sheds the ounces while keeping the absolutely reliable ruggedness and durability you expect from a Nosler rifle.

Accuracy is boosted by the use of two-position safety Timney trigger, mated to the glass and aluminum pillar bedded action. A weather resistant tungsten gray Cerakote finish on the metal pairs beautifully with the granite green stock, which is specially made just for the Mountain Carbon.

The Model 48 Mountain Carbon is available in all the most popular chamberings for mountain game: 6mm Creedmoor; 6.5 Creedmoor; and 300 Win Mag. For additional punch, the rifle is also available in the hard-hitting Nosler calibers: 26 Nosler, 28 Nosler, 30 Nosler, and 33 Nosler.

From Alaskan bear to Montana muleys to Asian ibex, the Mountain Carbon rifle from Nosler is a weight off hunters’ shoulders, and a weight off their minds.