Kuiu Announces Exciting New Day Pack

Today KUIU announced the release of their new Icon 1850 Day Pack on their Building KUIU blog found at blog.kuiu.com. The new 1850 cubic inch bag provides a unique design that allows for the pack to be used with or without KUIU’s carbon fiber frame. This versatile 21-ounce bag allows hunters to customize the pack’s performance based on one’s individual needs. Preorders are now being accepted for the first shipment on June 15th.

“I am excited to introduce the Icon 1850 to the market,” explains Jason Hairston, founder of KUIU. “This was a year long development project driven by input made by our Building KUIU blog readers, and is by far the most versatile day pack ever created.”

The Icon 1850 Day Pack, has two primary set-ups: with or without the carbon fiber frame, each with their own benefits, exceling in comfort and performance in either set up. Attaching the 1850 bag to the frame allows for use of the external load sling in conditions where hauling a heavy load, such as an elk hindquarter, is necessary. Removing the frame reduces weight and provides a comfortable fit perfect for day hunts or scouting.

Providing even more versatility, the bag’s structural carbon fiber stays are removable, allowing the bag to compress down even further and reduce even more weight. The bag is available in four different color ways: their original Vias Camo, green-based digital Verde Camo, or a solid two-tone Phantom Grey/Major Brown.

The pack has already generated lots of excitement from customers on Hairston’s “Building KUIU” blog. One customer, Seth, wrote, “I’ve been waiting for this pack ever since it was first announced. Passed on many tempting packs knowing that this would hit the sweet spot in every aspect. You have not disappointed.”

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