The long-awaited, long-anticipated product launch from Swarovski Optik is here! Today, Swarovski will announce the new BTX Dual Eyepiece for the ATX Modular Objective. 

OD_BTXonTripod“The first time I looked through a Swarovski Twin Telescope 25 years ago I was blown away by the optical advantage of the “big eyes” over a traditional single ocular spotting scope.  The depth of field offered by the binocular was a huge advantage and allowed the eyes to more easily detect movement. With both eyes focused on the same image, it allowed me to glass for hours with no eye strain or fatigue which was impossible with a spotting scope. But the weight and bulk of the twin telescope, and all currently available high power binoculars (Docter and Kowa) severely limited their use in the vast majority of real hunting situations.

The new BTX binocular system from Swarovski solves these problems. The BTX will easily fit into my Outdoorsman Pack System, and will add only 22 ounces to my system.  I have no doubt that by the end of next hunting season I will wonder how I ever lived without it!

Mark my words, the Swarovski BTX will change the spotting scope market forever and will be the most talked about optical product since the invention of the laser rangefinder.” – Chris Denham, Western Hunter

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New Swarovski BTX Dual Eyes Big Eyes Technical Data